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MRCB Group conducts its business based on the principles of fairness, honesty, transparency, decency, integrity and good ethics, which we believe are vital to the success of the Group.

The Group is committed to encouraging and maintaining an environment whereby Whistleblowers who are aware of any potential malpractices or improper conduct can come forward and disclose information in good faith and without fear of retaliation, punishment or any other unfair treatment.

MRCB Group assures that all reports will be treated in the strictest of confidence and promptly investigated. The group will address any alleged or attempted acts of interference, reprisal, retaliation, threats, coercion or intimidation against the Whistleblower and will protect the Whistleblower to the extent reasonably practicable. Where the Whistleblower is an employee of the Group and the disclosure is made in good faith, the employee will be protected from harassment, discrimination or victimization.

In order for the Group to protect the Whistleblower and to prevent false and malicious reporting, poison letters and abuse of the reporting channel, all Whistleblowers are required to reveal their identity and provide contact information in their report. All reports and information provided will be treated strictly confidential, save for disclosure on a “need to know” basis to facilitate investigations and/or take appropriate actions following such investigations.

The report of Improper Conduct can be made by e-mail to [email protected].